C Brie D- CBD Infused Baked Brie and Strawberries

Jessica Gonzales
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There are two types of people in this world. There are those who love cheese, and then there are those... Just kidding there is only one type of person in this world (unless you ACTUALLY don’t like cheese, in which case try this recipe anyways because it’s THAT good).

Today on the Pharm House Blog, we’re sharing C Brie D... Check that play on words. Don’t want to toot our own horns, but toot toot.

The most important take away from this (and every recipe that we share at The Pharm House) is the EASE with which you can cook with CBD. It is basically like adding anything else to a recipe, aside from the fact that when you choose to add the quality CBD that you get from The Pharm

House to your recipes, you’re basically telling someone that you love them to Pluto and back.


Cooking with CBD

There are just a FEW things we want to make sure that you are aware of before we send you on your merry

way... Check this handy visual, it should answer any questions you may have in regards to cooking with CBD.

The most important take away from the visual is the fact that you never want to heat the CBD to a temperature higher than 350 degree F, otherwise it would just flutter away and disappear into the deep abyss of the atmosphere, and nobody wants that.


We get it. CBD is still a new thing, which means we still run across uncertainty from people who think it has the same, mind altering effects as THC. That’s why, when you share our C Brie D with the world, you can share the facts with your guests, and enlighten them with all of the goodness that CBD contains.

Your intro could go a little like this “Four score and seven years ago...” JOKING. We actually have a great post on the differences between the two, and it will most definitely be a fab resource to share with your friends so they are no longer “on the figurative fence” about trying CBD. Give it a gander, won’t ya?!

Right, so back to the brie.

The Ingredients

For this recipe you’ll need just a few ingredients. Of course, our most important and favorite ingredient is the Natural CBD Tincture itself from the Pharm House. We

like to use the natural tincture because it has a subtle flavor, and plays well with this recipe.
We’ll be starting with about 6 droppers filled with CBD oil. This can be adjusted to your own liking and/or if you intend on eating the brie all in one sitting by yourself. No judgement here folks.


[Another great recipe with brie would be using our CBD infused HONEY, because, my gosh why not?! But that’s for a later date (unless you want to go ahead and try it because you’re a ninja in the kitchen). ]

You’ll obviously need the brie itself, which should be a 14 oz wheel. Pick out your fave and call it a day. Which brings us to the crescent roll tube, strawberries (which can always be subbed with your favorite fruit), butter (to mix with the oil) and BROWN SUGARRRRRR. Because, yes.

With these ingredients, you really can’t go wrong- unless you heat the brie above 350 degrees! Don’t forget, you’ll lose the benefits!


Prep the Ingredients
Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F.

Cut the strawbs into bite sized cubes, pull out about a quarter cup of brown sugar and melt a quarter of a stick of butter so that you can mix it with your oil. Once the butter is melted, pour it into a medium sized bowl, let it cool a tad and start dropping your oil into the melty goodness. Smell that aroma, that’s relaxation and deliciousness talking.


Once you’ve added the oil, plop your brown sugar and strawberries into the bowl and mix mix mix until your heart’s content. Make sure your heart is content when

the ingredients are WELL incorporated... this way, each bite is filled with loooooove.

You’ll want to start by pulling out the ole cookie sheet. Spray that bad boy with nonstick spray so all your hard work doesn’t become best friends with said cookie sheet. 

Roll half of the crescent roll tube out onto the cookie sheet. If you pinch the creases, it’ll keep the brie from melting out and being wasted on the cookie sheet. Say cookie sheet 3 times fast, dare ya? (it’s not really that funny)Slice off the top casing (gaspppp) of your brie... this way, the cheese can play with the other ingredients.

Place your wheel of brie in the center of the crescent dough. On top of your wheel, spread your brown sugary mixture. Place the other half of the crescent roll on top, and again, pinch the creases so they aren’t exposing the gooeyness. If you want your brie to have a shimmery gloss, stir up an egg yolk, and spread that

bad boy on the outside of your crescent...
Place your brie into the oven for 30 minutes until it gets all happy and gooey.

Cut into bite sized pieces, it will, in no way, look as adorable as it sounds. Take this picture for instance, it looks like a turkey. But it will, in all of the ways, be the

best thing you’ve ever tasted. Aside from cheesecake. LIGHTBULB... Until next time, y’all!


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