CBD for Kids

Jessica Gonzales
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Just like with everything, please consult your child’s doctor before making any changes to your child’s healthcare.

We’re talking CBD, or Cannabidoil. The THC free good stuff we sell here at the Pharmhouse Store, its been deemed as gold for a range of symptoms in adults. It’s natural, effective, and it’s free of the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD is a holistic approach to a multitude of symptoms, but is it safe for kiddos?

Welp, since its legalization in Texas, CBD has become a popular option for combatting symptoms from a multitude of things, sleep and anxiety- as seen in our testimonial here, the common cold and flu, ranging all the way to epilepsy, with the first CBD based pharmaceutical having been FDA approved and put into the market recently to help with seizures, Epidiolex. It’s interesting to see the history of CBD, and see its ebb and flow with how society looks at it, mainly the reasons WHY is was made illegal in the first place, but that’s for another day. Its becoming nature’s cure all. Again.

With all that being said, it is extra important to make sure that the CBD that you are using for yourself, and more importantly, for your kiddos, is one of purity and quality, which is why the CBD we sell at The Pharmhouse Store is a favorite amongst San Antonians and those abroad. As it was deemed in a recent study of purity, the THC levels in our CBD are right there at zero, the smallest number found amongst other shops around town. That is an important little factoid when considering the use with your kiddos. Which brings us to our next point…

Is it safe for the littles?

In short, yes. With obvious regulation of quantities and consistencies, the use of CBD for ailments such as anxiety, ADHD, sleeplessness and most shockingly (and amazingly), epilepsy, has been shown prudent when paired with responsible dosing. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t consult your doc first, that’s always important when trying anything new.

Many adults swear by its effectiveness for the treatment in their kiddo’s behaviors at school, and why not, it’s derived from a plant and has minimal side effects. If it effectively helps in the anxiety in adults, why wouldn’t we see if it could help with those same feelings in kids? It’s the opposite of everything that is out there as far as anxiety pharmaceuticals.

Some Science Stuff

There was a study done in 2015 with a ten year old girl suffering from PTSD, which caused her anxiety and sleeplessness at a young age. The study shows that after just 6 months of using CBD with the little girl, her sleep scale score and SCARED score went down DRASTICALLY, dropping her below the probability range for the disorders she started with. Talk about a change , AND she was without side effects during the time of the study.

What Should I Get?

Here at the Pharmhouse Store, we carry some great gummies to get you and your family started on their CBD journey. They are already allotted with the right dosage, and taste delicious to boot! Come by and grab some or pop on over to our online shop, and check us out!

Thinking About Trying CBD for Your Kids?

Always be sure to give your little ones the best in purity with Pharm House gummies.  Great for teething, anxiety, ADHD and many other symptoms.  Get yours today!

September 20, 2019 — Jessica Gonzales